Be My Valentine

About thirteen years ago or so, my wife and I started dating after we met in Charleston. I had and still have a variety of interests that tended to lead the direction of our dates. Some dates consisted of going to a friend’s house to watch NASCAR. Other dates were attending operas during the Spoleto Festival. NASCAR must’ve been too intense because she would always ended up watching from another room with the other guy’s girlfriends. In fact, she even brought a book to Bristol on time because obviously it was just too exciting. I’m also sure the operas were a little overwhelming too. I don’t know many people that can claim to have slept through a Russian opera, a Japanese opera and a German opera in the same year.

At the same time, I maintained a pretty strict philosophy of avoiding Valentine’s Day. After all, it is a holiday created by corporations to part working Americans with their money in order to buy superficial gifts, such as impractical sparkling stones and dying flowers, right? My stubborn frugality towards non useful purchases continued with the purchase of $200 engagement ring not so long later. Calm down ladies, I’m taken.

After all that, two dogs, four kids, and the last 4 months without a functioning kitchen, we’ll celebrate 10 years of marriage on March 1st. It’s been a wild ride but she still wears the $200 engagement ring every day.  She never expects anything for Valentine’s Day (although it’s fun to surprise her every few years). She’s a great mother and wife and I might never have known that if she didn’t know I was clearly and idiot more than 10 years ago. Happy Valentine’s Day!